Templeparlor Queens

Templeparlor Lady Bird Johnson



Ladybird  Johnson is a daughter  of TICA Quad Grand Champion and CFA Champion Templeparlor Tiphereth Ra and Dam Mirmacat’s  Lady Sky  (Sire: CH Mirmacats  Sensation  and Dam: Bageria  She is a Lady).   She is a cream silver classic tabby and white van.

She’s a lovely girl with sweet expression, large eyes and beautiful Doming.  She’s a big girl with nice boning and very graceful and athletic in her play.  Like Mary Poppins Ladybird  ia practically  perfect  in every  way  ♡.

CFA CH Templeparlor Madame De Pompadour




web-Fa100860V ES Madame Pompadour in Glamour Pose

Reinette is Pictured at 4.5 months, photos by Helmi Flick.

web-Fa100882V ES Madame Pompadour Head Study

Reinette is my big girl just like her parents a beautiful sweet girl, playful, affectionate and she’s smart as can be!  I love this Lady cat and am so excited to see what she produces next season.  Reinette is a red, silver classic tabby and white.

web-Fa100854 ES Madame Pompadour reclined Right

Sired by:  TICA Quad Grand CH & CFA CH Templeparlor Tiphereth Ra and Dam: Templeparlor Chanel No. 5 (CFA CH Kramkatten Honeyman of Templeparlor and TICA CH Vita-Nova Marie Antoinette) Photo by Helmi Flick.


Templeparlor Coco Pirouette

_MG_9438Coco Puff is the sweetest coby girl with big pretty round eyes, and tiny ears, she’s  a silver patched tabby van, and is sired by:

TICA TGC Templeparlor Tiphereth Ra and Dam: TICA CH Vita-Nova Marie Antoinette. Coco Puff is a half sister to CH Templeparlor Beau Bonaparte.

Templeparlor Bee In My Bonnet





Bonnie Belle is my baby girl, big heavy body coby and short everywhere,  round head a delightful little Lady Cat, she is a dilute calico smoke van.  Sired by:  TICA, RW, SGC & CFA CH (grand pointed) Templeparlor Beauregard and Dam: Templeparlor Halloween Moon, (CFA CH Kramkatten Honeyman of Templeparlor × TICA CH Vita-Nova Cleopatra of Templeparlor ).

Bonnie  is the Dam of:

FIFE JW Templeparlor Mdm Betty Blue