Templeparlor Queens

Templeparlor Diana Moon



Diana the huntress, named for the Goddess of the Moon, is a silver/ black mackerel spotted tabby. Like the Goddess she was named for, she is the most nimble and quick of all the kitties at all the feather wand games.  A regal princess.  Her Sire is Templeparlor Tonto and Dam: CFA CH & TICA RW, DGC Templeparlor Isis Queen of the Nile.



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Templeparlor Madame Moon

Madame is the boss of the current princesses growing up, she’s smart and strategic she anticipates what im going to do next and reads my mind.  She’s a beautiful traditional black / brown classic tabby and white.  Madame is a sweet treasure of a traditional color and classic tabby patten.  Sired by:  Templeparlor Tonto and Dam: CFA CH. & TICA RW, DGC Templeparlor Isis Queen of the Nile. Madame did well in shows TICA:  The Mane Event and the And a Mouse Show Fall of 2019 with many finals including a Best Kitten.  Professional portraits coming in April 2019.


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Templeparlor Indian Paintbrush

India Eartha is a lovely tortie smoke, her personality is one of a sweet quiet lady cat, always calm and quietly confident, yet not retiring or shy.  I ask Her, “India Eartha where is your, “tortietude”? And she says, “I’m happy Mama Kitty”.

Her Sire is Big Daddy: Templeparlor Tonto and Dam is the lovely eyed Queen with the beautiful color and patterned Dam: TICA CH. Templeparlor Painted Lady.  New portraits by Chanan Photography.



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Templeparlor Fleur Joli

Fleur is a unique character exceptionally intelligent and brave.  My little funny face.  Her Sire is the buff dude: CFA CH. Templeparlor Frosty Moon and Dam: CFA CH. Templeparlor Madame de Pompadour, both are pictured under retired cats and blue eyed carrier pages.