Blue and odd eyed carriers

Temple Parlor

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temple: from the latin templum (6th Century), a sacred space as defined by a priest or augur, used to describe a house of worship for any number of religions. From the bible, the body is your temple.

parlor: from the French parler, or to talk. A front room for receiving visitors.

Temple Parlor opened in 1999, six months after I graduated from the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, located in a big Edwardian house, on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle Washington.

Miss Blue my British shorthair loved her job as the Parlor’s official greeter; she would sit at the entrance to the studio every day and welcome students and clients.  Miss Blue had her own yoga practice and she at times she would imitate the class,  Blue liked all the supine poses best.  As a kitten Miss Blue came down with posterior paralysis and stopped eating, she was 4 month old, and she wasted away till nine months; she was a little hand stand kitty. After my former vet was unable to find a diagnosis and treatment, I took her to my acupuncture school where she was diagnosed with what would be polio in a human being. Miss Blue was given herbs called tiger walking pills, acupuncture and then Acutonics or sounds healing, where the vibrating tuning fork is placed on the acupuncture points, instead of a needle. She made a complete recovery and lived to be 18 years old!

Yoga, Medicine, Art and Fancy Felines all come together in my hobby of breeding cats. Breeding cats is a genetic art form where the composition of the cats is to follow the ideal written in the CFA breed standard. In my breeding of Exotic Shorthairs and Persians I work to keep a high quality breed type, with an array of colorful lush coats and patterns along with various eye hues.

My goal at this time is to focus on breeding Beautiful silver tabbies and Blue and odd eyed Exotic Shorthairs in the bicolor van pattern. Blue and Odd eyes are a recessive trait. Recessive traits can be difficult to cultivate, and when I have success it seems to be almost a miracle. Where a painter works similarly with these previous choices, as a breeder I must also cultivate healthy, intelligent cats with good personalities. To do this one needs to be both midwife and a nurturing mother who daily cleans, grooms, feeds, plays, and loves her cats and kittens. This ensures that each kitten and cat can easily bond and bring joy and love to their new owners. A few years into breeding through the stories of my pet clients, I realized that kittens bring a healing element into families, relationships, individuals and their homes, through the beauty and unconditional love of a cat or kitten  companion. You can watch my cat Lovey in the WA State Lottery commercial 2018.

About my Yoga classes:
At this time all my yoga classes are private lessons.