Templeparlor Orion’s Starbelt

Orion is now co-owned with my dear friend Kathleen Hunt the talented and beautiful Yogini and Dancer, and lives with her and her husband Steve Davis and their cute spayed girls Maybelle and Puji, Orion has a new nick name “Buster”.

At the TICA annual in California 2010, he was nine times Best of Breed, and 5th Best kitten, under judge; Aline Noel, and 4th Best kitten under judge Robby White, 107 kitten count; At the TICA Tukwilla show September 2010 he won 5th Best kitten judge, Candy Jacobson and 2nd Best Kitten, judge Canie Brooks.  Orion is going to be a big boy, maybe 15 lbs. look at those gorgeous large eyes!  As big as his loving heart!  Litter mate to Venus and Snowman.  he will be shown as an alter.

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