Acupuncture is a healing art and science that teaches how to see the entire human being in body-mind-spirit wholeness, how to recognize the process of health and illness, and how to restore lost health to an individual. This system originated 5,000 years ago in India and was used to prevent illness by helping to create and maintain good health. The Chinese developed the art of acupuncture medicine as we know it today: a complex system of examination, diagnosis, and treatment. It is also used for pain relief and surgery.

Acupuncture is a five-element system: Earth, Fire, Water, Wood, and Metal (air). Each of the vital organs is represented by an element.

The Life force energy is called chi. When the chi is balanced and flows harmoniously through the body-mind-spirit, this is health. If the life force energy isn’t flowing well the resulting disharmony and imbalance is illness. Acupuncture is an effective treatment for many issues of health and well being on all levels. There are ten levels of health above absence of symptoms!

Best results are achieved with a course of several treatments which may include dietary, herbal, and exercise support to extend the effects of treatment.

About Kitty Wittkower:

I graduated from NIAOM in 1999 where I completed my MA degree and did my clinical training. I added this healing modality to my yoga teaching practice to better serve the needs of my clients, helping people overcome injuries and other health challenges, bringing their bodies and minds back into balance.

My treatments may include suggestions of yoga and meditation practices, when appropriate, to help clients become more aware of how to heal themselves. When dietary issues are addressed I prefer Ayurvedic dietary recommendations because of the variety and flexibility of the Dosha-based system.

Treatments available include the following:

  • Acupressure massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Moxibustion heat therapy
  • Cupping
  • Acutonics/Sound healing/Tibetan bowls
  • Private Yoga

I am not practicing Acupuncture at this time.