Angela’s Kitty-Kites/ cat toys

Handmade with love by Angela

From Angela my friend, hand made cat toys, a labor of love:

I love cats. With that being said, when I lost mine, that loss haunted me. It still does. So, I wanted to make all cats’ lives better. I had no idea what would come out of the supplies I bought to make the Kitty Kites with. I had yarn scraps from the beanies I make, and that was it at the start and inspiration from my cats. I envisioned my cats playing with the Kitty Kites. What would stimulate them and keep them interested? Well, catnip and bells, and a shape that would allow them to kick the toy around and be stimulated by the sounds the bells made inside. The bells are muted, the cats hear them and not the humans sharing their lives. I don’t know if cats can see colors, but making the Kitty Kites colorful isn’t a bad thing and every cat deserves a heart, or two… I put a lot of love into the Kitty Kites. I hope the cats who get them feel that.

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$20. each

Angela April 2024