Buying a Kitten

Our Prices

Kittens are sold with registration papers, vaccination and health records.

  1. Pet quality – Please contact me for prices and details. Spay/Neuter agreement on all pet kittens. Registration papers available with proof of spay / neuter.

An additional fee of $500. may be charged for the required Spay/Neuter fees.

A kitten can be reserved for a deposit of $500. Kitten reservations will be on a first come first serve basis from receipt of deposit. If a deposit is not received, there is no guarantee of receiving a kitten.

Deposit is non-refundable and can be made through Zelle, or bank certified check, please contact me to put down a deposit to reserve a kitten.


Personal delivery is available for a fee. Please contact me for details.


I will only ship pet kittens if you have met your kitten in person prior to shipping. In addition to cost of kitten it is the buyer’s responsibility to pay for shipping cost, and the cost of health certificate (this applies for both international and domestic shipping).

~ I reserve the right to keep any kitten in any litter for myself. ~
All deposits are taken with that understanding.


My Exotic Shorthair and Persians are guaranteed to be healthy and free of infectious diseases at time of purchase.  I recommend you get pet insurance for your cat or kitten.

Prior to leaving the cattery, all cats/kittens have received the necessary shots. Kittens receive the special attention needed to become great friends and pets. They are handled several times a day by friends and family members, played with, groomed and loved to ensure they are well socialized.
Kitten visit will be available after receiving their 1st set of vaccines.
All buyers must agree to comply with the following conditions in order to make purchase from my cattery.

  • The Cat will not be declawed.
  • The cat will be kept indoor unless it is on a harness and leash, safely contained outdoor enclosure or in a carrier.
  • The Cat must not be sold, leased or given away to any pet shop, research laboratory or similar facility.
  • It is our intent to find permanent placement. If the buyer can no longer keep a cat, buyer agrees to notify seller, and give first right of taking the cat back at no charge to seller.
  • If we choose not to reclaim the cat it is the responsibility of the buyer to place the cat in a loving pet home.
  • If the buyer owns another cat or cats then it is the buyer’s responsibility to quarantine the new Templeparlor kitten or cat from other household cats for two weeks.
  • A replacement kitten will be offered when the situation warrants, a cat/kitten should live a normal life span as a pet and be free of any congenital health defects, no refunds on cats/ kittens.  If the cat/kitten dies before two years old, it is the responsibility of the owner to have a necropsy done to determine the cause of death, in order to get a replacement kitten, without a necropsy there is no proof of a congenital health issue.  Breeder has a grace period up to one year to provide a replacement kitten if it’s determined that the cat/kitten died of a congenital defect.
  • HCM is a disease of the heart which can cause early and sudden death because of heart failure, although I do my best to scan and not use affected individuals in my breeding program there is no genetic test at this time in the persian and exotic breed group.   It can be treated with medication if an early diagnosis is made with an heart scan.  Once the cat is in heart failure, I don’t recommend spending a fortune at the vet to save the cat, its better to humanely euthanize the cat,  because there are no survivors once heart failure has begun.  This is a health issue in all mamallian species: from humans, to orca whales, horses, cats and dogs.  Although some cats will present with symptom of a murmer, not all cats with HCM will present with a heart murmer.   Some cats can have a heart murmer and grow out of it, and never have HCM.
  • This information on HCM is intedended to be educational, so we understand the potential risks of this heartbreaking condition.  Getting your cats heart scanned between one and two years old can help you diagnosis this health problem, before it becomes chronic and thus it can be treated with medication, and prolong the life of the cat.
  • The cattery is Closed.