Templeparlor blue/odd eye carriers past and present

Templeparlor Daphne

Daphnae is the daughter of Vita Nova Angel Bee of Templeparlor and Templeparlor Diana. She is a girl of exceptional character and love as well as her gorgeous color and pattern. She is a very special girl.

Templeparlor Coquette

Pretty girl Coquette is a smart, sassy exotic long hair. Her calico coloring is silver patched tabby, if you look closely you can see the silver in her tail.  She’s in love with Osiris, and he’s her devoted Kitty-man. They have a sweet rapport all on Coquette’s terms, he is happily ruled by her velvet paw. They have kittens due mid June of 2020.

Templeparlor Snowman III

Snowman is a super chill calm solid guy, quietly confident, muscular and buff, he is a beautiful, sweet, and gentle boy.

Templeparlor Incandescent Pearl

Pearl is pictured at 9 months, photography by Chanon.  She is as sweet and beautiful as she looks, Sired by: Vita Nova Angel Bee of Templeparlor and Dam: Templeparlor Opal Moon.  She’s my Pretty Pretty Pearly girlie”.