Templeparlor blue/odd eye carriers past and present

Templeparlor Snowman III

Snowman is a super chill calm solid guy, quietly confident, muscular and buff, he is a beautiful, sweet, and gentle boy.

Templeparlor Incandescent Pearl

Pearl is pictured at 9 months, photography by Chanon.  She is as sweet and beautiful as she looks, Sired by: Vita Nova Angel Bee of Templeparlor and Dam: Templeparlor Opal Moon.  She’s my Pretty Pretty Pearly girlie”.

Templeparlor Blue Moon Masquerede

“Billy Batman” is a blue smoke and white van a sweet boy who is Sired by Templeparlor Tonto and Dam: Templeparlor Bee in my Bonnet.  He has a pedigree with blue eyed cats on both sides for generations. He is also homozygous for Shorthair.




“Billy Batman”

Templeparlor Throwing Shade

Shade is a black smoke and white beauty super sweet personality.  Sired by Templeparlor Tonto and Dam:  Templeparlor Bee in my Bonnet.


Shade pictured in the middle beside her two half sisters Madame Moon and Indian Paintbrush.