Templeparlor Kittens 2011

Templeparlor Orion’s Starbelt

Orion is now co-owned with my dear friend Kathleen Hunt the talented and beautiful Yogini and Dancer, and lives with her and her husband Steve Davis and their cute spayed girls Maybelle and Puji, Orion has a new nick name “Buster”.

At the TICA annual in California 2010, he was nine times Best of Breed, and 5th Best kitten, under judge; Aline Noel, and 4th Best kitten under judge Robby White, 107 kitten count; At the TICA Tukwilla show September 2010 he won 5th Best kitten judge, Candy Jacobson and 2nd Best Kitten, judge Canie Brooks.  Orion is going to be a big boy, maybe 15 lbs. look at those gorgeous large eyes!  As big as his loving heart!  Litter mate to Venus and Snowman.  he will be shown as an alter.

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2010 BEST Brown (Black) Classic Torbie and White NW Region: TICA Double Grand Champion Templeparlor Madame Butterfly

“Josephine” is pictured at 3 weeks with her devoted Dam, Champion Vita Nova Marie Antoinette. Josephine is my only girl from Marie Antoinette who has produced many handsome boys.  I’ve been practicing my Persian grooming…believe me… it is not for the faint of heart. How to get the effect without all the toxic chemical?  This is the big challenge of grooming the Persian, the concept of “green” as a concept has not made it into the cat world yet.  The Cat Show People use goop, which is full of petroleum chemicals!
Personally… I like my cats chemical free!!

At left, Josephine is pictured here at 5 months at the TICA annual in California, September of 2010 winning Best Persian kitten in heavy competition, then finaling 3rd best kitten, judge Laurie Schiff, the kitten count was 107.

A few weeks later at the TICA Tukwilla Show 2010, Josie was Best All Breed kitten under judges; Pam Barrett & Best All Breed kitten Elaine Hawksworth-Weitz.  4th Best Specialty (Longhair kitten) under Judge: Pam Barrett, thanks to all the wonderful judges for seeing her special qualities, I think she is so beautiful inside and out.

My Josie is super mellow around the house and will let me hold her all day long… if I have the time, such a dolly!  Josie is the daughter of SGC Vita Nova Ceaser of Templeparlor and CH Vita Nova Marie Antoinette.

Josie began her adult show career at the Portland, OR Show January 2011, TNCC where Josie finaled: 4th Best Cat Judge: Wendy Klamm, 5th Best Specialty  longhair cat, Judge:  Monika Dany, 6th Best Cat Nancy Parkinson, 10th Best Cat judge: Ellen Crockett!

Josie then completed her Grand Championship at the Ferndale, WA Show, she finaled Best all Breed Cat Judge:  Theresa Kempton, 5th Best all Breed Cat, Judge Kim Tomlin, 7th Best all Breed, Judge Francine Hicks, 5th Best Female Congress Donna Madison.


Double Grand Champion TICA Templeparlor Madame Butterfly


“Josie” is a retiring Champion who won several Best kitten and Best cat awards, she is a fun and very beautiful girl, a delight to live with and she has found her forever home with loving parents: Marsha and Paul of the Magnolia neighborhood here in Seattle, Josie’s friend “Snowy” Templeparlor Snow Leopard has joined Josie for good times and fun with Marsha and Paul living by the beautiful Seattle Sound watching birds.