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Buster Orion Star Belt Lovearian Devas

Buster has been with us since Spring 2010. He is the the best companion and happiest little buddy we could ask for! Such a gentle, compassionate being, curious, playful, always close by my side, and excited to be a part of our activities. Buster especially loves to attend the private yoga classes that I teach in our home and always wins over the hearts of the yoga students. Recently he has earned the new middle name Lovearian because of his amourous evening ritual of snuggling between us while we watch a show gazing at us lovingly. His early nurturing and training by Kitty at Temple Parlor truly shaped him into such a perfect companion animal.

 – Kathleen, Steve, Maebelle and Puji


Templeparlor Top Hat II “Tops”
CH Vita-Nova Marie Antoinette O.D. and Great Great Great Grand Daughter Josie II.
Templeparlor Jack
Templeparlor Josie
My husband and I are so fortunate to live in Seattle where Temple Parlor is located. Having always been pet parents to Persian and Exotic breed cats, we were seeking new kitties to add to our family and fell in love with the Temple Parlor clan.
Kathleen’s dedication to the health and well-being of her feline-family shines through in each one of her cats. Our Tuxedo Temple Parlor cutie Top Hat passed away; but currently we have 13 year old, retired mama Marie, and six month old cousins, Jack and Josie.  Kathleen’s expansive knowledge of mindful breeding and her intuition about her kitty placements is what makes her work special. Her kitties almost pick you, instead of you them!
Our Temple Parlor cats are intelligent, bright, healthy and people oriented. Marie is our sweet, purring gran looking over the little ones, and Jack and Josie are very affectionate and playful,  They all want to be where we are in the house. Like our Top Hat before, they arrived already litter box trained, as well as curious and confident. They keep us laughing with their silly antics and funny personalities. As for their beauty, their sweet faces and coloring is exceptional. They are the joy of our lives!
-Anna & Jeff Hiatt
Templeparlor Bee in my Bonnet “Bonnie” and her son Billy Batman

Bonnie and son Billy Batman

Billy Batman


I adopted Bonnie when she was 4 1/2 years old almost a year and a half ago. I then adopted her son, Billy Batman when he was 1 1/2 years old about 7 months ago. Bonnie seemed like she needed some company and their breeder, Kitty told me she thought they would be a great match. They have both been such blessings in my life. Billy is so funny and sweet and Bonnie is my little girl. She follows me everywhere and lovingly and curiously watches to see what I am doing. If I lay on the floor to get work done, she is right by my side trying to help out as you will see in one of the pictures I attached. Billy is a bit more independent but loves being my sleeping partner. Every time I lay down to take a nap, I can rest assured he will jump into bed with me and sleep by my side. My life has drastically improved since welcoming these two precious little fur babies into my home. I’m so grateful for my new family members.

– Jessica

Andrew and his buddy Templeparlor Napoleon Mouse.

TICA DGC Templeparlor Madame Butterfly “Josie”

Templeparlor Snow Leopard  “Snowy”
Our Proud and Happy Family –
Josephine on the lower level of their cat tower and Snowy on the middle level of the tower are relaxing and watching their human parents who love attending, with pleasure and pride, to Josephine and Snowy’s every need and want. We are so grateful to Kitty for our magnificent furry twosome. They are bright, loving, pleasant, intuitive, and beautiful living beings. We are Blessed to have “Our Little Girls “. Yes, “We Are Family”.

-Marsha and Paul